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DeScianni's label and music fit into multiple music genres and categories with variances from songs on the Release including a 70's driving Psychedelic Rock genre, Pop, Country, Folk, Contemporary, some Ballads and more having Lead Guitar-Keyboard duels, some are in other categories with other instruments,  all with deep lyrics.  It presents itself in somewhat of a time warp where much of the music has an unreleased 1970s Rock vibe, the 70's decade being simply a time bracket with more than 10 years, but it did have a sound and reality of its own in a time of peace and love, and musical expression, with distinctive sounds like few other generations.

The "Dreams in Space and Time" Release is over 32 Titles in a Collection of Songs, with many other Instrumentals that were completely reproduced with all new vocals, musicians, more. The songs were selected mostly from a much larger collection of a lost tapes story of Joe who wrote and played versions of many of these songs, and wrote classical symphonies between 1972 to present.  

The focus of this current work since 2015 has been extensive with Peter and Joe with new original songs and versions from Peter, driving the scope, 70s genre, sounds, finance, and productions amidst some pretty bad times with Covid.    Newer songs are being added and other updates.    The list of credits is getting larger, please see below.  The Anthology section has many other recordings of songs and versions on or being added to the website.  Each song in all sections has a short clip player to listen and a Youtube link to play full song.  All songs are also streamed on all services that TuneCore distributes, so please listen or get you own mp3 on this site.  

New material and remastering of some material is being edited, added or replaced, and released to this site often,  and then to distributed streaming sites.  The catalog of Dreams in Space and Time, with many older and newer songs from Joe and Peter is more than just an album in the legacy sense.  There are over 100 recordings just on the DeScianni site both with vocals, instrumentals, some different versions of songs, or vocalists that is a subset of the whole collection.   Some of the current versions of songs are pre-remaster work in progress that would be updated and some are being remastered or done with other vocalists, artists or studio session musicians.  Please see the list below.    

DeScianni is the real last name of our family before 1901 Ellis Island name change by our grandfather.  DeScianni is two brothers Joe, (who often goes by Joe-Paul), and Peter, but much of the music in the label includes many musicians and vocalists.  Joe and Peter spent a lot of time together, being so close in age, sharing bunkbeds and often playing football and other sports together, and going to the same Catholic and public schools with the same friends.  They survived very rough times and insane poverty and abuse as kids in a rough time for America as well.  Joe had many artistic expressions in singing, painting, psychedelic art, and music. 

Peter showed Joe his first 3 guitar chords, and Joe never put the guitar down again.  Joe went on to play in High school Bands and many other bands in and around Atlanta, GA. while Peter was always writing poetry and songs since he was young, but most in our family were just trying to get out of poverty, working all the time and helping our parents.  Many choices were made for us based on necessity, so it is another unfortunate story, but Joe became extremely proficient as a songwriter, composer, vocalist, guitarist, musician, and also wrote many classical compositions in some early DAWs.  Growing up poor drives a man to succeed so Peter went on to College and became a Tech guru in Chemistry, Physics, IT, Engineering, Electronics and more.  At a time in life past no Do-overs, Peter and Joe got together in music again and this is what you are hearing. 

"Dreams in Space and Time" work since 2014 by DeScianni has been ambitious for Peter and Joe with serious studio productions using many musicians, different instruments and vocalists, and dozens of tracks to first be a good musical score and then be a good overall song.   But as in the lyrics of the song "Won't You Come Back" on this site, there just never is enough time.  Covid and more tore through our world and put many things on hold, and in that time our sister, mother and father all died which was traumatic for all.  This also was a bad time in history and life and many more events that always seemed to get in the way of finishing what we started.

Some songs are perfect as is, and some others are a work in progress, so there are some different versions of songs with different vocalists, and different arrangements.  DeScianni had just begun to market this music and one avenue of promotion is song contests.  Recently in Sep, 2022 DeScianni was runner up in the John Lennon Song contest Rock category for one Rock song entered (Luck on Monday).  DeScianni was also a semifinalist for Lay Me Down in the ISC largest International Song Contest for 2022 which is a song about the terrible Opiate and Fentanyl crises.  Please support the music by buying directly from this site or you can also stream it on most sites.  We released the initial batch of songs in Dreams in Space and Time in Oct 2023 on TuneCore distribution to all streaming sites.  

Musical influences are all the Rock and Contemporary songs of that era, and concerts & festivals of the late 1960s, 1970s, 80s, 90s.  Partial listing are: Moody-Blues, Beatles, Neil Young, Black Sabbath, ELO, Motown, Elvis, Dylan, Clapton, ELP, CCR, GF, Bread, Pink Floyd, Ten Years After, Alice Cooper, Allman Brothers, Lennon, McCartney Wings, Harrison, Ringo solos, Elton John were all huge inspirations.   Many more with Folk-Easy Listening (now often called Contemporary), POP, some light Country styles and some other out in space stuff. 

It takes a community and enormous funding to create great music and video, at many levels today.  If someone has a vision, they have to do what it takes to move that vision into reality. This is often an iterative process and much is ventured in time, funding, and persistence to get the right instruments, vocalists, and genre of sound. Very rarely is the very first version the final best version and sometimes the 2nd version is the best out of several explorations.   

Track recordings and masters were done at StudioPros Music Studios in Los Angeles, CA, DeScianni Studios in Ga and other private studios in UK and Europe.  Contributors are many with session players, vocalists, guitarists, and artists, the key ones from StudioPros being Craig Durrance for many top to bottom talents, Danny on Guitars, Amir on keyboards, Uri on Bass, Reggie on Drums, Yosi on Mixing and several other musicians.  Vocals are Joe, Jack, Noah, Filip, Chloe, Alice, and Lena and other vocalists are Stephen, Levi and others.

Thanks for visiting the DeScianni site and Dreams in Space and Time.  We think most of the songs can stand alone as good Instrumental music tracks which is refreshing.  The website is still a little rough, and being improved, the logos are still a WIP. Stay tuned for so much more to come, we hope you like this genre of music for some of it will bring back sounds you liked of a different time in your music collection but never heard before. 


Joe-Paul DeShan & Peter P DeShan

Joe                                                                 Peter

Some old pics from the 1970s:

Joe 1971  

Joe 1971                                Peter 1971 

Sandy Springs HS, GA  ~1974 


This 70s era of music has always been one of the most inspirational and many of these songs were created and or inspired at that time when we were young and impressionable from the 70s to 2000s.  The young people in the late 60s and 70s had many social issues of the Vietnam war, assassinations, and so much more on their shoulders, but clung together at many music festivals.  It was a time of peace and love on the street where you would get a hug from a stranger if he/she was in the same free social groups.  

Every generation blames the one before. There was a generational disagreement with so much horror and distrust in the government just as today, and there were so many deaths in our groups of young people you knew both from the war, motorcycle and car accidents, drug overdoses and more.  If the notion that the 60s might be the beginning of the Youth Culture, the 70s slammed it home, and among the older generation then, it was a simple case of the Youth Culture refusing to grow up and take responsibility. In reality they just wanted to have some fun growing up, so not many things have changed.  History often repeats itself but now technology has changed so many aspects of human interaction and feelings.


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Mechanical licenses and others are available for most all the songs, Please send an email request with details.  Most of the songs are a little different than songs and music today as the originality stands out.  Artist influences and credits are below.

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